Reading Rachel Rising

Who has two thumbs and loves Terry Moore’s Rachel Rising? Well, me…but so should you. As of this writing, I am 35 issues deep out of the 42 that have been published. This was one of those books that I regret not supporting when it was originally coming out (what with me not buying single issues anymore) because I’ve heard it had a shitty time staying in print due to low sales numbers.

Terry Moore is a national treasure, goddammit. He’s up there with cartoonists like Jeff Smith and Rob Schrab (who needs to do another fucking comic proto!) in my book. There are few comic creators who are as independent and consistently amazing as Moore. The man always has a vision and does whatever is in his power to see that vision through to the end, which is admirable.

I’m not gonna give Rachel Rising a score just yet. I still have a handful of issues to finish so for all I know the series might botch the ending. It’s doubtful, but you never know.


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